MILLSBORO, Del. - The Sussex County League of Women Voters held its semi-annual meeting Thursday. The group is gearing up to celebrate the centennial anniversary of the women’s suffrage movement in 2020.

The group met at Peninsula Golf and Country Club in Millsboro for lunch.

Guest speaker Lora Englehart with Delaware Humanities aims to help celebrate the movement that gave women the right to vote, focusing on “2020 hindsight."

"I want to encourage everyone to vote to understand what women 100 years ago went through, even more than 100 years ago, their struggle to obtain this right for us," says Englehart. 

Topics like impeachment are why president Gwendolyn Miller says the league’s goal is to not only encourage more people to vote but to get them informed. 

"Everyone is looking at it through a different lens," says Miller. "As long as everyone is informed and understands the issues, then we must appreciate everyone's voice."

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