FRANKFORD, Del. - High Tide Church has met at rental facilities for 17 years. It is finalizing plans to finally build on a piece of property in Dagsboro. 

Pastor Andy Ehlers and his wife, Tanya, started High Tide Church when they moved to Sussex County in 2002. 

"We started off in our home and 17 years ago we made our first public service at Lord Baltimore Elementary school," says Pastor Ehlers. "Then we moved to the Roxana Fire Hall. After 8 years of renting the fire hall, we moved to John M. Clayton where we currently meet."

Ehlers says the church once consisted of only 12 members. Now there are about 300, who meet in the John M Clayton Elementary auditorium at 10am on Sunday's.

High Tide is finalizing plans to finally build on a 19.3 acre piece of land that was anonymously donated back in 2009. The church is raising money to build its own 10,000 square foot building on 9 Foot Road in Dagsboro. The church is accepting donations on its website, but Pastor Ehlers says he'd rather people come to one of the services to see what the church is all about. Donations can be made there as well.

Tanya Ehlers says the new building will help High Tide serve the community better. "It just makes it a little more complicated not having your own space," she says. "For example, I'm doing a Christmas play with the children. When you don't have a permanent place to let the kids practice on the stage, usually when we get to the day of the performance, it's the kids' first performance on the stage."

Mark Murphy has watched High Tide clean up after its services for the past eight years. "We're going to have a base, you know, like a home," he says. "We'll finally have a place that we can go and gather. It's like your home at home."

Pastor Ehlers hopes construction will begin in the spring. He says it will take 12 to 18 months to build High Tide Church.