WILMINGTON, Del.- Well-known Delaware photographer Kevin Fleming made his initial appearance Thursday at the federal court in Wilmington. 

He did not take a plea relating to the charges that were read to him today. 

He was also released on his own recognizance.

Fleming was represented by Janet Bateman from the Federal Public Defender’s Office of Delaware. 

Fleming came out of the doors of the courtroom and WRDE tried to get a reaction and a comment from him regarding the charges he is facing. When we asked him questions about the case, Fleming and his attorney both declined to comment on the situation. 

Fleming is still accused of five counts of tax evasion, four counts of failure to file tax returns, and seven counts of failure to pay over employee tax to the government. 

The indictment that was released last week said that Fleming took over $22,000 of taxable wages from his employees. 

The public documents also said that from 2013 to 2016 Fleming made no less than $248,000 but failed to file a return for those years before the required date.

The judge said that each count brought up against him is applicable separately, resulting in the $3.4 million dollars in fines and over six decades in prison that he can face. 

We also asked Fleming when he left the courthouse whether his store would remain open while he is appearing in court, but he once again offered no comment.