BETHANY BEACH, Del. - The Town voted to approve increased parking rates and fines during Friday's Town Council meeting. On May 15th, parking kiosks will be uncovered for the season and those who use them will see that parking rates have increased from last summer. 

Town Council was quick to approve raising the parking rate from $2.00 to $2.50 an hour and to increase parking fines as much as 25%. The town says it will now generate more than $400,000 from parking alone and that the money will cover extra summer costs like seasonal employee and police officer salaries. 

Lisa Salvador and her granddaughter, Olivia, have a second home in Bethany Beach. Salvador says she doesn't think the rates should be increased and that the bigger issue us finding a parking space to begin with. 

"They should make some more parking areas and if they're going to raise it, that's what they should do with the money."

In the past, the town said a parking hike would increase revenue without putting the burden on locals. 

Jean Baldwin has seen how her customers at All About the Beach have reacted to previous parking increases in the businesses five seasons. “Our customers haven’t been too happy about that I’ve heard them and they’ve asked me," she says.

Baldwin sees both sides of the coin and how raising the rates could be financially beneficial to the town. “I don’t know what the other options would be if you don’t take it from parking," she says. "Sometimes when you go to resorts you have to pay in order to keep it the way they know it.”

From May 15th to September 15th, higher parking fees and fines will be charged to keep the Quiet Resort thriving. Residential and business parking permit rates will not be increased.

Bethany may be the latest town to increase parking, but Rehoboth increased its rates to $3.00 per hour last year.