REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.- The Rehoboth Beach Boardwalk Committee met earlier today to discuss some important topics for the town to look forward to.

It addressed topics about the possible addition of cell phone towers to the avenue that would be very small and blend in to the town, the possible change of trash and recycle cans and also the update to restroom services. 

The chair of the committee, Stan Mills said, "Our Committee has recommended in the past analysis of restroom's efficiency number of fixtures and number of stalls. Adding family restrooms that we don't have now, and the city is all working on those projects actively."

Other big tickets items on the agenda included talks about restorations to the boardwalk planks. The idea would be to continue to replace them as they go over time, as opposed to replacing all of them at once.

They also talked about possibly adding a seasonal employee to help work on the boards on the boardwalk, but there was no definite plans on that.