SEAFORD, Del.- The Sussex Montessori School in Seaford will bring a new way of education to the entire area. 

On Monday morning, elected officials and a USDA representative was on hand to award the school's board with a $7.6 million loan. In a year and a half of fundraising, it is the largest amount the Sussex Montessori School has received. The settlement with PNC was backed by USDA to finance the school's construction. Senator Tom Carper was one of the many elected officials to attend awarding the school. 

"Those first years are so important in shaping a child and preparing them for a future. This school actually focuses on what works for them," says Carper. 

The Sussex Montessori School is free to attend. As of November 14, 143 children have applications in after 10 days of open enrollment.  The enrollment is open for kindergarten to third grade Families have until January 8 to enroll for the lottery. 

Linda Ragin is a volunteer for the school. Ragin says this is the right place for her great grand son. 

"The school offers so much, they not only offer academics but they are caring and spike the kids interest," explains Ragin. 

The head of Sussex Montessori, Lisa Coldiron says the Montessori school lets students learn at their own pace. 

"Children learn by doing and they need big blocks of time to learn it. They need a mix of ages to learn from one another. These are all the things that make Montessori unique," says Coldiron. 

Organizers at Sussex Montessori say students will be learning traditional lessons inside the classroom and outside they'll work in gardens or with farm animals to engage with nature and agriculture.

The Sussex Montessori School hopes to open in 2020 and they are planning to keep expanding until 2022.