GEORGETOWN, Del.- On Monday night, Beebe healthcare and Del Tech invited veterans and active duty military to an event that offers support and provide resources. Veterans and service members, along with their families, were able to learn about mental and physical health issues and ways to combat it.

Kim Blanch, the Community Services Manager for Beebe’s Population Health department, says "We entitled it 'Options Along the Journey' to show veterans, service members, and their loved ones that there are other ways they can support their well beings."

Resources  were offered on the spot such as  acupuncture, a sound healing experience, and free screenings and flu shots.

The Veterans United Outreach of Delaware and the Interfaith Veterans Workgroup are one of the many resources available to veterans and families. 

The Interfaith works to prevent veteran suicide in the state of Delaware. Tom Davis, president of the Interfaith Veterans Workgroup, says breathing meditation is important. He says meditation reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and facilitates healing.

The Veterans United Outreach of Delaware is a local charity that provides useful information for veterans. They even make small emergency grants to help veterans pay for bills and put food on the table.

If you are a veteran or know someone who is and is interested in learning more about any of the groups, please visit Military OneSource, Veterans United Outreach of Delaware, and Interfaith Veterans' Workgroup.