MILFORD, Del.- The Food Bank of Delaware, The Harry K Foundation, and the Perdue Foundation met up with volunteers in Southern Delaware today to pack cars, vans and trucks full of the 269 boxes of food. 
The backs of cars and trucks didn't stay empty for long. Volunteers helped carry the boxes off the palettes and place them in the back of cars.  The Founder of the Harry K Foundation, Harry Keswani was even getting his hands in on the action.
"It's great, I love being out in the front line and helping and loading and it's perfect this is how it should be," Keswani said.
The Perdue foundation was excited to see the stuffing in the cars.
Kim Nechay, the Executive Director said,  "this community is so blessed to have people in it like Harry K and all the volunteers we brought over from Milford to make sure every vehicle was stuffed to the gills with roasters and all the food people need to have a happier Thanksgiving."
Every car or truck that stops by the Food Bank today was packed full of food that families in need will get for Thanksgiving. Each box is full of things that can be found all around the Thanksgiving Day dinner table."
Kim Turner from the Food Bank of Delaware said, "mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, canned fruits and vegetables, pretty much what you would sit around your table and eat for Thanksgiving is what we're giving families today."
After an hour, all the pallets had been cleared, and the remains we're stacked up on the side. The organizations even said the feedback after the holidays is great.
"So many of us here in America take for granted what we are blessed with everyday and at Perdue we don't want anyone to go hungry so we're able to participate and do what we can to help make sure our friends and neighbors have a blessed holiday as well," said Nechay.
"We've been doing this for a number of years now and we can't do what we do without the support of our community," said Turner.
The Food Bank said that all the food was from their donations, or if they were missing supplies they bought it to finish off the boxes. The donations were picked up by schools from around the area, and delivered to families in need all across Delaware.