Bowling a turkey, for a turkey. This week at Lefty's Alley and Eats, anyone who bowls a turkey, which is three strikes in a row, will take home a Thanksgiving bird while a second one is donated to a family in need.

"Around this time of year some people might not have a lot of family so it might be something to bring them here and lift their mood for the holidays," says Lefty's server Samantha Campbell.

For two years now, people have been trying their luck at winning a Thanksgiving dinner and donating one to a local charity.

"Anything to help out during the holidays, you know, it's the giving season," said shift lead at Lefty's, Skye Cranmer.

Bowling Lanes

Don't let this challenge intimidate you, workers say a lot of people have beginners luck. 

"Bowl your hardest. Usually what ends up happening is people come in and usually do it on their first game. Maybe it's the spirit of the holidays but most people can get it done," said Cranmer.

The promotion runs until Nov. 23 or until Lefty's runs out of turkeys.