LEWES, Del.- Nearly 149,000 drivers in Delaware are expected to take to the roads for Thanksgiving holiday travel, according to AAA.
WRDE was around the area today trying to find some tips and pointers for safer travels over the holiday. 
AAA says that nearly 50 million people will hit the roads over Thanksgiving. This is the second highest volume of travel since AAA started tracking it back in 2000, according to AAA's report. The organization said this can bring a ton of car problems for travelers.
For people like Bud Hefflin from Milton, he had a small window problem, but decided to check the car anyway. 
"I keep pretty good touch of it, you know, make sure everything is good, but this is needed, I mean it's cold out so we gotta get the window fixed," said Hefflin.
He says he's lucky to have a reliable car.
"Myself, I own a 2008 Jeep Liberty and that's been out to Indianapolis and back a couple of times twice and no problems there." 
It may seem overwhelming to drivers when it comes to keeping up to maintenance on your car over the Thanksgiving holiday. After speaking to AAA and the Meineke in Lewes, they said a good place to start is by popping open the hood and taking a generic check to make sure that there are no outstanding problems.
Ken Grant from AAA said to get your cat checked before hitting the road.
"Before you hit the road, just stop by your trusted mechanic, get your battery checked, get your tires checked, make sure that they're ready for that road trip," said Grant. 
Jody Repass from the Lewes Meineke also stressed some important points. 
"Make sure your oil is changed, you can usually go a thousand miles over without really worrying about anything but it is important to keep your oil engine clean, helps your car run and stay maintained," Repass said. 
Cars came in the Meineke in Lewes today for routine checks, got their tire pressure checked, and even had their tires rotated. But it's also good to be prepared for every situation.
"It's a good idea to have an ice scrapper in there and some extra windshield washer fluid and coolant doesn't help, isn't a bad idea either you know sometimes you get a small basket and throw that all in there and it all helps," said Repass.
AAA says the roads can be dangerous, but they want to avoid disasters
"We've seen some really tragic issues lately and we want to make sure that everybody makes it home safe for the holiday," said Grant.
The Meineke in Lewes says they will be open the day before Thanksgiving and the day after, but not the holiday itself. 
Another important thing that AAA stressed was to focus on driving. The organization said to stay off your phone, and keep your eyes on the road and to make it to your destination safe for the holiday.