GEORGETOWN, Del.- Sussex Tech is looking to hire six to ten permanent, part time substitute teachers to help aid their school.
The school says that they would like to have less substitutes traveling the halls of the school ,and narrow it down to six to ten great candidates.
Their role would include guaranteed 29 and a half hours a week and can be paid up to 125 dollars a day depending on their qualifications. 
The school says that they will create a pool of the permanent part-time subs and will maintain a waiting list for others that are qualified.
Superintendent of the school, Stephen Guthrie thinks this could be a great opportunity. 
"And so if we get the same group of people coming in everyday, they'll become familiar with the school, the students, the teachers, they'll become part of our Sussex Tech family. Students will accept them as teachers as opposed to somebody who's just in for the day and maybe familiar with the content, maybe not," he said.
Interested candidates are being asked visit, and searching for Sussex Tech to find the job posting.