WILMINGTON, Del.- Photographer Kevin Fleming has plead not guilty at the federal courthouse in Wilmington today, despite facing nearly 20 counts related to tax evasion. 

Kevin Fleming who was in court just a week ago from today, entered the federal court house again for his arraignment. 

He's facing five charges related to tax evasion, four of failure to file tax returns, and seven of failure to pay over employee tax to the government. 

We tried to ask Fleming and his newly appointed federal public defender if they had any comment after they left the court house. But both he and his lawyer declined to give us a comment. 

Fleming chose to enter a not guilty plea which means his case will move forward to hearings in front of a judge at the federal court in Wilmington. He is still facing 16 separate charges that all carry heavy penalties. 

Federal authorities allege Fleming took $22,000 in taxable wages from his employees. 

If found guilty on all 16 counts, Fleming could face up to 64 years in prison, over 3.4 million dollars in fines and repayment of the back taxes.  

When Fleming was first charged, we reached out to him and an employee from his store. We never heard back from Fleming, and the employee did not wish to speak on camera to talk about the charges. 

Once again, Fleming declined to comment today.

As of now, there is no scheduled date for a future court appearance. But the judge says a pre-trial motion must be filed within 30 days.