LEWES, Del.- Cape Henlopen High School is expanding once again and this time with a new 400 student addition to their campus. School officials, state and county legislators and others broke ground on a $16 million expansion. 

They threw dirt in the air as construction is just starting for a two story expansion. In the spring of 2018, Cape Henlopen High School was approved for a referendum to provide a new space for over 20 new classrooms, a bigger cafeteria and an outdoor learning courtyard. Superintendent Robert Fulton says the current high school will connect with a hall way to the new addition. Fulton says this new expansion will hold the increase of students coming to the area. 

"We've been growing about 25 to 40 students per year. This sort of puts us out several more years and especially if we stay at the same rate. We feel pretty comfortable that this will fill our needs over the next 8 to 12 years," explains Fulton. 

School board member, Allison Myers is also a parent at Cape High. Myers says she hears firsthand how the project is needed.

"I get to hear all the time how crowded our classrooms and lunch rooms are. These upgrades will make a huge difference to the students here," says Myers.

Senator Ernie Lopez says this expansion will provide a place for students and faculty to thrive in their everyday environment. 

The kids will now have the space available to do the work they need to do and to continue to learn. Teachers will also have the space and resources available," says Lopez. 

Robert Fulton says the new expansion will be completed by the fall of 2021. Fulton says if all goes well he hopes to see students and faculty move into the building during the 2021 school year.