LEWES, Del.- The Lewes Presbyterian Church was collecting jacket donations all month, and prepping for their community thanksgiving dinner which happened earlier today.
All month long the Lewes Presbyterian Church had been collecting jacket donations to give out today at their annual community

Thanksgiving dinner.  Anyone was welcome to come in, grab a coat, and also get a warm meal during their stop at the church. But they also had volunteers to help them throughout the day.
Jeff Miller with the Delaware Seashore Parrot Head Club was volunteering and said, "so we have two stations, we have an upstairs station which is a dining room station where we help set the tables, clear the tables, coffee, lemonade. And downstairs we have a take out line and on the takeout line you get takeout turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce to take home to yourself and your loved ones."
People from the community also had to opportunity to grab a coat along with their dinner. This room is full of just about 500 coats of all different shapes, sizes and colors. And the church says that they've had in previous years.
Krissy from Georgetown brought her kids in to get some coats and food today.
"Everybody's always very nice, and we've been coming for 2-3 years now, so, say we come every year say this is his first one though," said Krissy
Her girl, Gigi made sure to pick their favorite jacket. 
"Because it's my size, it's fuzzy its soft and it's pretty."
But Alee was more focused on the dinner.
"We're here to uhm have a Thanksgiving dinner."
But even with all the time and energy put into this dinner, Kathy the volunteer coordinator says it's all worth it at the end of the day.
Kathy Heronemous the volunteer coordinator for the Lewes Presbyterian Church couldn't believe the outcome.
"It's that joy that see when you're with your families when they get together for Thanksgiving, that's what this is it's just a wonderful event," said Heronemous.
"It is it's very heart felt, I mean it touches your heart strings to see everybody come in and every body enjoy dinner you see families come in, you see individuals come in they'll sit around at a table together and chat and converse and it's wonderful," said Miller.
The church says the whole day of running around is worth it to see the smiles.
The church also says that they also do a soup kitchen every Tuesday, but won't be doing it this Tuesday due to the dinner, today and the holiday during the week.