REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.- Today marks exactly one month until Christmas, and less than a week till Thanksgiving, and some people had a hard time deciding which to focus on today.
It's that time of year where you're not exactly sure which holiday to focus on more. Are you looking forward to the food or the family time in December? People in Rehoboth Beach had different views on what their priorities were set towards.
Even in the off season, Rehoboth Avenue had people walking around enjoying the sights of the holidays. Everything from thanksgiving decor, turkeys, and even the band stand are decked out.  But the focus for some was mainly thanksgiving.
Will Davis from Ocean City made a stop in Rehoboth and was looking forward to Thanksgiving.
"I'm thinking about the turkey and thanksgiving dinner and stuff like that but, I'm looking forward to Christmas, it's my favorite time of the year, the holidays, I like getting together with the family and spending that time," Davis said. 
Businesses also have to prepare for both holidays.
Bob Cartwright the owner of the Coffee Mill said, "right now we're in Thanksgiving mode because of course it will be a very big weekend for the community for the town."
He uses his truck as a holiday decoration and changes it as the holidays switch.
"Our pick up truck which I bring and park on Rehoboth Avenue and I keep it decorated only because a lot of folks like to take pictures of it out there and it's fun," said Cartwright.
Thanksgiving is quickly approaching but not everyone has their sights set on the feast. With Christmas right around the corner some people are patiently waiting. But they're knocking on Santa's door to let Saint Nick know they're ready for him.
Carol Golden stopped in the Christmas Spirit store on the avenue to get some gifts and was ready for Christmas.
"Once the decorations went up, the spirit kind of kicked in so I figured it's time so I wanted to be ahead of things this year," said Golden.
But Stephen Provost, another shopper was getting ahead of the shopping, trying to impress his mom with his outfit.
"I got this nice Patagonia flannel I figured something nice, a little casual just a little warm just like the holidays, brings out that nice warm feeling," Provost said.
Even though Will Davis was excited for Thanksgiving, he's grateful for the holidays in general. 
"Yeah, togetherness you know being able to celebrate everybody and hanging out you know kind of relaxing getting together as a group that kind of stuff," Davis said.
People in Rehoboth couldn't have asked for a better day to hit the avenue, enjoy the holiday decorations, and prepare for the long weeks ahead.