BETHANY BEACH, Del,- After the Thanksgiving and Black Friday, some people may forget about another shopping event, Small Business Saturday and the role it plays in the community.
People were out today in Bethany Beach to preview the weekend ahead, and what it can mean for local small businesses.
"It's kind of nice to have our own day," said Amanda Zirnhudson the manager at Bethany Beach Books.  
She said she is ready for Small Business Saturday, and what is has to offer.
"So small business is huge especially for us, just trying to highlight that we're here, that we offer really amazing services and products that you can't find online," she said.
Small business Saturday is important for many reasons. One of them is to support local businesses and the community.
"During this time of year we do see a huge rise for small business Saturday and then it kind of kicks off the holiday season especially for us," Zirnhudson said, "so we do see a little bump in sales throughout the Saturdays and December as well, but small business Saturday is typically our big Saturday." 
Senator Tom Carper was in Bethany Beach to take a stop in some local stores and says that small business are great for the economy.
"Well small businesses are the greatest source of new job creation in the country, and maybe even in the world. We're lucky to have big businesses in Delaware, Delmarva but the real job creation comes from people who have an idea," Carper said.
The Small Business Association was also there today to talk about the important of shopping local, and avoiding the online shopping.
John Fleming from the association said, "and especially now with so many more people that are shopping online. I think we need to not forget about the importance of small business and be able to show and really lead by example."
The association also says that it can help keep money in the community when shopping locally. 
"It's said that more dollars stay in your community when you shop small versus when you go large and obviously online," said Fleming.
Zirnhudson says the extra mile small businesses put in makes all the difference.
"You know you can come into a small book store, we recognize you, we read, we love all book stores but we like us small guys the best," she said.
Moving ahead, it's not always just focusing on one weekend for these businesses, it's a long term thing.
"You know and even now we're glad to see more and more year round activity going on. Businesses that we could use that are not just seasonal," said Fleming.
But Bethany Beach isn't the only town celebrating small business Saturday. Small business Saturday is celebrated all around the country and even in Delaware. So whether you go to Bethany, Rehoboth, Lewes or even in Milton, it should be a big day for local businesses.