We all love an ocean view. But sometimes closer up, those views are ruined by trash. That's why one man started cleaning the beach once a week.

"Winter Storm Jonas came here to the fishing pier in January of 2016. A bunch of us came out. I posted in the Ocean City Cool group saying, 'who wants to come out and help clean up,' because there was trash from all the way up  144th street to down here on our beach," said founder Bob Banach.

Banach provides the gloves and trash bags. He says it's his mission to make Ocean City one of the cleanest beaches in the country.

Ocean City

Banach thought they would clean until the damage from the storm was done. Instead, every Tuesday at 9 a.m. he returns to the beaches with volunteers. Today marked the 200th time they cleaned the beach.

"We want everybody to be safe, have fun when they come here, and see a clean beach," said Banach.

In just 2019 the group cleaned 11-thousand pound of trash. Ever since they started in 2016, they've collected 10 tons of trash off the beach.


"Everyone smiles when you show up and everyone smiles as we leave, It's fantastic! It only takes one hour and you'd be surprised how much you can clean up in just an hour," said volunteer Lance Ward.

The group consists of some regular volunteers, along with families and tourists. The location in Ocean City changes each week. If you want to volunteer, visit here for each weeks location.