WHALEYVILLE, Md.- High school student Abigail Blankenship dedicated her time and money to donate 50 turkeys to those in need in Worcester County. 

Blankenship is a senior at Stephen Decatur High School. This year Abigail has agreed to purchase all of the turkeys that would be distributed to the Blessing House Ministries in Whaleyville. 

Blankenship was joined by volunteers of the Blessing House Ministries on Tuesday morning to fill people's car with a Thanksgiving meal. There was a line of cars around the corner to receive a turkey, pies, chicken, bread, baked and canned goods. Blankenship says she had been saving up some money for awhile and wanted to give back to her community. 

"I just have been helping out here a little bit this past year. My dad always helped people out my whole life. Thanksgiving is special to me and so I wanted to make it special for someone else this year," explains Blankenship.
The Blessing House Ministries in Whaleyville donates to families in need every year across Worcester County. To quality for a warm meal, families must first fill out a form with the ministry. The families must include how many members are in their family. Heather Bruhn is one of the many people to receive food from the ministry. Bruhn says this year stands out from the rest.
"So when we found out that they were donating turkeys, I came here and got one. I didn't know at first it was being donated by a high school student, so that's even more awesome," says Bruhn.
Director of the ministry Frank Anderson says donating to families is mission of theirs. 
"We average a 150 families today and about 75 families tomorrow," says Anderson.
Director Frank Anderson says the Blessing House Ministries will be donating Thanksgiving meals to families in need on Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Anderson says they serve over 8,000 families a year.