We might be seeing one Christmas tradition less and less. A new study finds that Secret Santa gives millennials anxiety.

The study from "blog Press Office" says 17% of millennials are scared of getting judged for their present choices. 24% dip into a savings account to afford the gifts. 73% admitted to going over budget and buying presents they can't afford.

"I think in the work place, forced merriment is always a little looked down upon. And I get that. I think people should do what they're comfortable with," said Emma Vanpelt.

Some businesses have already traded the gift swap with an alternative.

"At my work we do a cookie swap, but not a Secret Santa," said Vanpelt.

Others, aren't giving up the tradition just yet.

Christmas Decoration

"We do Secret Santa every year at work and we even do it with our family. I think it's fun," said Monika Walters from Bethesda, MD.

If you're worried about buying for someone you don't know well like a co-worker, drop a few hints.

"So for our work Secret Santa we write down our favorite store,and favorite candy, what things you like to do. So it isn't a gag gift or a bad gift," said Walters.

The complete study can be found here.