REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.- A local business owner put together a flier asking for other businesses to support the Saint Edmond's church and their creche.
She declined to comment on the flier, but the church wants it to be known that they were not a part of this, and they are still looking for a home for the actual nativity. 
The flier that was handed out to local businesses has some background history on the front. With two pictures of the nativity scene one back in 1993 when it was at the bandstand, and also in 1967 as well. The flier says, "Please unite as a happy supportive business community and continue a long standing TRADITION."
Immediately after that it also says, "please put up some type of a creche (nativity scene) or paint one in your window." 
The city has offered the chamber of commerce building space in the past for the church to use. They also noted in the past that the church's nativity scene was not always at the bandstand. Saint Edmond's Father William Cocco says he isn't taking a stance on this flier, be he supports the businesses making their own decisions. 
"The letter simply asks them if they're in favor of this as we are, if they think this is a correct thing as we do, they can show their support by putting one in their business," said Cocco.

WRDE did reach out to the city for a comment about the fliers that were handed out to the local businesses. The city says they received about a dozen additional citizen concern forms that were also attached to the back of the flier. They also added that most of the responses were concerning the nativity scene.
The city declined to comment further on the fliers. As for the nativity itself, religious displays are not allowed on public property, per city policy. 
A few businesses did mention they have their own nativity scenes placed in front of their stores, not necessarily in support of the creche being at the band stand, but in support of the Father Cocco and his church.
"If you're in support of it, show your support by putting a creche in your window ow whatever, if you're not in support of it, no problem. The letter doesn't say you have to do, the letter doesn't say you better do it or not," Cocco said. 
Some people say they're alright with whatever the businesses decide, and most importantly, this time of year is about community and coming together.
"Rehoboth is known for being inclusive and pretty much just you know it's the beach you know? Like chill out lets have a good time and let's enjoy our family and our friends and Christmas," said Alicia Keller a visitor to Rehoboth Beach. 
With the tree lighting on Friday, and Christmas next month, the church still plans to put up a creche. The creche won't be at the bandstand, but the church says it has a few other options, still on the avenue. 
Again, the city did offer the chamber of commerce building as location--but Father Cocco says they are still deciding.