MILLSBORO, Del.- Blessings for Badges was formed last year, and again this year they were back out cooking prepping for first responders all throughout Sussex County. 
Cindi Susi, the president of the organization gave a little background.
"With the idea to feed all the first responders in Sussex County. So we started meeting last March I think it was we formed a small committee and then it grew from there like April and May we started bringing more people on board," she said.
The Sergeant of the Millsboro Police Department and Vice President of Blessings for Badges, Barry Wheatley says it's unique what they do.
"A lot of times we get food maybe someone drops off something to the station that maybe from you to me, dropped off. This is a community prepared meal. So we've got community restaurants preparing the food, we've got ladies auxiliaries and volunteers putting the food together and warming the food," Wheatley said. 
Cindi says that they try to make sure they don't leave any station feeling left out.
"Delaware State Police Troops stations, paramedic stations, fire departments that have their fire fighters and their EMTs that are on staff today, and to all the paramedic stations and Delaware River and Bay authority they'll get fed this year."

The volunteers at Blessings for Badges spent the morning prepping the boxes and putting together the meals. Then the duties got transferred over to the drivers who were delivering the meals to the first responders all across Sussex County.

David West, a Staff Sergeant was picking up the meals o deliver them today. 
"I'm on duty right now but we're delivering to our violation unit and then the main prison at SEI for I think there's like 90 something officers that are there now, men and women," he said.
Cindi says the feed back they get is amazing.
"They're just so thankful and blown away. Last year we had I can't tell you how many thank you notes, and messages on our Facebook page and private messages from even the wives, oh my gosh my husband did get a Thanksgiving meal today, thank you so much. So they are very very appreciative."
Another cool thing the organization does is add hand written, heartfelt notes from children to the first responders.
"One station is pies, we do the pies and with each pie we have a station that is a craft table and all the kids get to come and they make thank you notes and each pie gets a thank you note from a child in the community that says thank you for your service, happy thanksgiving, we appreciate you know all those kinds of little cute messages," Cindi said.
Blessings for Badges hopes to expand next year, not only to serve Sussex County, but to serve Kent County as well.