SEAFORD, Del.-The Square One DE sober living home in Seaford held their 2nd annual open house Thanksgiving dinner. 

 It was a dinner held at 4 p.m that was open to the public. Members of Square One DE says it was a chance for the men, the fellowship and a traditional Thanksgiving dinner to come together as a family. 

Justin Voelker has been living at Square One DE for the past nine months, Voelker says being in prison for 9 months, he is thankful to have his wife and daughters by his side. 

"When I moved out here, I had a bag of shirts, two pairs of pants and a pair of boots. I had a rough patch with my family and now I think we are doing pretty great," explains Voelker.

Square One DE is a recovery home that promotes a sober, safe, and healthy living environment. It is a recovery home that helps those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Phillip Stout is the residential manager of Square One DE and the head chef for the Thanksgiving meal. Stout says preparing this Thanksgiving meal is way to connect and support the men here. 

"The holidays can be the hardest time, so we try to do everything we can to make these men feel safe and secure," says Stout. 

Members of Square One DE says they hope to open another sober living home for women in the near future.