REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.- Rehoboth Beach had its annual tree lighting and holiday sing along today at the bandstand on Rehoboth Avenue.

A staple of the Rehoboth Beach community. The tree lighting brings together the community for a night that jam packs the band stand. A lot of prep goes into putting this event together and the director of the bandstand says its all worth it. 
Corey Groll the Program Director said, "this is really a community event so we bring together all types of people, all types of religions and this is just a home town tradition where we do all the sing along. People plan on coming out here after they do their black Friday shopping and really make a night of it."
For members of the community, there's something that keeps bringing them back year after year. 
Max Keiper a Milford Resident said, "just the environment the ambiance of having community everybody singing and enjoying it just brings everybody together."
People seem to get lost in all of the excitement of the tree lighting and the sign along, but the community might forget that without a tree there would be no tree lighting, and for the family that donated it, it was a dream come true.
Ed and Tracey the couple who donated the tree this year were so excited to see it lit up on the avenue. 
"This is the first I've seen it since it was cut down it's emotional but it's a tribute," said Ed.
Tracey said, "It's something that we've always talked about doing, we come down here every year for the tree lighting so it's kind of neat to actually see our tree up there."
They're not alone in thinking it was their favorite part of the night.
"Favorite part of the night is the countdown, to when the tree gets lit," said Keiper
"Oh I just love the tree lighting. I love watching the lights go up and everybody cheering and it's really really a wonderful thing for everybody," said Groll. 
People stayed all the way through the sing along, packed the avenue, and when the night was over, it was time to hit the road and get warm.
The tree will stay lit throughout the holidays, and visitors to the avenue seem to love taking pictures by it, so be sure to take yours this holiday season.