REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.- A new trend over recent years has been using CBD infused products to treat things like anxiety, sleep issues, and pain management, not it has made its way into a salon. 
Today the Stephen and Company Salon held their second information session for people wanting to learn more about CBD and the ways it can help people.
For Michael Maybroda, the co-owner of the salon, it was important to him on a personal level. 
"And I was getting frustrated with the amount of prescription drugs that my doctors were giving me and I discovered this CBD cream on one of my trips out to Denver and it worked. It's not a cure, it didn't take it away but it really relieved it," he said.
He said it's important people have the knowledge they need to make an informed decision.
"And that's what everyone is looking for. Something to really educate them on the products on what's best for them and whatever issues they're looking to help with this."
Richard Fair has been taking CBD for a few years now, and was looking for something new to help his pain. 
"A lot of pain in my shoulders and different things like that and he said dad you need to take some CBD oils." Fair said.
At the salon they have tons of different options for CBD products. Everything from teas, oils, gummies and they even have options for pets. Over the past year the Stephen and Company salon has been infusing their products into pedicures and facials with the request from their customers.
"We brought in our color tech therapeutics which is a skin care line that we are going to start infusing our facials with and our body scrubs and manicures and pedicures, that lines going to come from there," said Maybroda
Kitty Harmon, an advanced nail tech at the salon has seen this work first hand. 
"Well with the CBD infused into it, I've had it help relax people with tremors in their hands," Harmon said.
But it has many other benefits when it comes to getting the infused products as well. 
"Pain relief especially if there's arthritis involved. The massaging, the massaging itself is what helps it soak in and do what it's supposed to do." Harmon said.
But for Richard, he has been seeing long term benefits and sees no reason to stop.

"I've mentioned to my doctor that I take CBD oil, to see what he thought. And he said if it works it works," Fair said.
One thing Michael and the workers from his salon stressed was that they are not doctors.  They just wanted to inform the public through personal stories and share their experiences to help others looking for alternatives. 
The salon only planned to do one information session, but said it was so popular they hosted a second. 

It also have plans to host a third one coming up in January.