LEWES, Del.- The potential wind farm and renovations to Fenwick Island State Park, off the coast of Southern Delaware was once again the center of attention today.
This time the Association of Coast Towns addressed some concerns the public still has about the project. Orsted is still keeping the dialogue open and wants it to be known they are open to responses from the public.  The Association of Coastal Towns also wrote to DNREC Secretary Shawn Garvin asking for the public comment period to be extended, for more feedback.
Two weeks ago today, local politicians held a public meeting at Indian river high school to address questions people might have had about the proposed 18 million dollar renovations and wind farm project on Fenwick Island State Park.
After the meeting, the Association of Coastal Towns felt as though there was too many unanswered questions and wanted more time for public comments.
Lewes Mayor, Ted Becker said some good questions were raised.
"What the view shed interruption would be? Again about how it would make landfall and what was being proposed and the amount of money, the amount of improvements that were being proposed for Fenwick Island State Park," said Becker.
The proposal included a bridge over route one for pedestrians, a two story parking garage, and a new activity facility would be built by the electrical company Orsted. The company asked in exchange to build a facility for power from Orsted's proposed offshore wind farm to come on-shore.
A member from Orsted was not present at the meeting to give a comment today. But a member from Seagrant, and organization who was approached by Orsted to continue the open conversation was there. She declined to comment until there is a more set plan in place for the wind farm project.
Orsted sent a statement later in the day to WRDE that said, "we are deeply committed to making Skipjack Wind Farm a project Delaware can be proud of. Constructive dialogue with the citizens of Delaware is a critical part of that process."
The Association of Coastal Towns says their role in this situation is to relay the information and extending the public comment period is vital to the success. 
"We've asked Secretary Garvin to consider extending the public comment period and looking at some of the issues related to how it was actually going to come on land," said Becker.
He also added that the members of ACT have been getting emails from concerned visitors to the coast.
"Mostly I think we're hearing about the concerns again of the what the view shed, how the view shed would be impacted."
Orsted said in their statement that the wind farm would be faintly visible on the horizon, and it will have no impact on electricity costs because the offshore renewable energy credit agreement is with the State of Maryland.