MILTON, Del. - "Old meeting the new" will be the theme of the renovated Milton Elementary School. On Tuesday evening, current and former board members from Cape Henlopen School District broke ground for the project.

"This is an exciting one for us because it's a historic building that we're keeping. The original building opened in 1932, and now we're keeping that old original building and completely renovating it and building around it," says Brian Bassett, Director of Capital Projects.

The building will be about 120,000 square feet, and can hold 620 to 650 students.

"Lots of safety improvements, size improvements. The biggest thing is just getting spaces that are now a part of the curriculum at all of our schools. All of our other new schools have collaborative learning spaces and this building will have that,” says Bassett.

People will be screened in the lobby before entering, the gym will be restored, and a playground will be added in the back of the building. The school will keep the two columns in the front of the building, the second floor will be expanded, and the gym and auditorium will be restored.

The school’s entrance, parent parking, and the bus pick-up/drop-off area will be in the back of the building.

The renovation is special because of the school's history. The school will incorporate Milton's ice house and button-making history, and photos from the first time the school ever opened. 

"We're going to really try to capture the historic section, and not just of the school, but of the entire Milton community. It'll be a nice blend of the old and the new," says Bob Fulton, Superintendent of Cape Henlopen School District.

Bassett says since the district went to referendum, the state raised the formula price that they give school districts for funding. The state agreed to give the district $5 million of additional market pressure funding, increasing the funding from about $30 million to $35 million.

"Milton's growing, the community is growing, and the school is growing right along with it,” says Beth Conaway, Principal of Milton Elementary.

The project is expected to be done by Fall of 2021. In the meantime, the students and staff are currently using the old H.O. Brittingham building.