REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.- Local book stores are making a comeback, especially with the holidays coming back, but the hope is to stick around for a while.
The American Booksellers Association says that in 2018 the sales for independent book stores was up fiver percent compared to 2107.  This is a significant climb especially with other competitors like Amazon and larger name book stores like Barnes and Noble.
Part of the reason people are being drawn to independent book stores is how welcoming they can be to guests. For Browseabout Books manager, Susan Kehoe, she says it's their main goal.
"I think people are sort of looking for an experience, a shopping experience that we're really good at providing," Kehoe said.
But they're not the only book store on the coast to notice this recent change.  Bethany Beach Books says people are starting to come to a realization. 
Amanda Zirnhudson, the manager of Bethany Beach Books said, "a lot of other independent book stores that we are familiar with in the regions they have said that it's on the rise and I think that people are now realizing that there are electronic devices that make it easier but it's still not the same as a real book."
An additional part of the idea behind the success to these book stores is the help they can provide. For some it's easy to find a book they like, but looking for others can be a hard task to tackle.
Janet Roca, a shopper at Browseabout today was looking for someone else and needed a little help. 
She said, "I needed a book on space for a five year old girl. So I had phoned this morning one of the clerks put three books away for me and I'm going to get her all three now."
The ABA says these indie stores have unique ties to their communities, by connecting readers and book buyers to what they need. Browseabout Books said they make a deep connection with their shoppers, and can guide them better in person, as opposed to online. 
"We provide that level of service that we can look at someone and go, oh, you love that book, you should really try this book. We can introduce people to new authors and new friends and that's what we love to do," said Kehoe.
Both stores said although they appreciate the bigger competitors, they just know that what they do is unique.