REHOBOTH BEACH. Del.- Rehoboth Beach installed new LED lights on Wilmington Avenue and Baltimore Avenue with the help from Delmarva Power.
The city says that the lights will help cut energy costs and contribute to reducing energy consumption. But the list of benefits goes on and on. 
Kevin Williams, the director of public works for the city of Rehoboth Beach said, "I mean you've got increased lighting will help with the pedestrians walking around and improve their safety, it will also help with security if there's and issue with a security issue it will help with being brighter."
Delmarva Power released a statement to WRDE about the new lights that said, "LED street lights deliver greater energy efficiency and cost savings by reducing energy consumption for street lighting by 40 to 50 percent. The use of LED street lights promotes sustainability and helps communities lower their carbon footprints."
The city says, The replacement of the 24 lights reduces energy consumption with a monthly energy savings by $2.24 for 150-watt lights, $1.47 for 100-watt lights and $.89 for 70-watt lights.
It depends on who you talk to, but the lights are actually aimed at the streets lighting up the driving lanes more. Some businesses think it would be a better idea to have more lighting aimed on the sidewalks so that way when visitors pass by they can see their stores without a problem.
Christy Kitchen, the manager at Good News Natural Foods on Wilmington Avenue said, "I think it would be more beneficial if they had it on the sidewalk so this way people that are walking down to the beach and back are more lit up. With the street, you know it's fine but they have lights on their vehicles."
Even though she lights the inside of her store well, she thinks the outside could take some of the spotlight.
"You know it gives them the opportunity to look and see where they are where if it's dark they're going to a destination and then they get there and that's it," she said.
Even though the city doesn't have any plans with Delmarva power for now, they do want to come up with a plan to install the LED lights on main roads and intersections in the future.