GEORGETOWN Del.- The First State Satanists did show up as planned on Dec. 21 in Georgetown, and held their candlelight vigil on the opposite side of the circle from the live nativity scene.
The First State Satanists showed up tonight in black capes, masks, and with supplies. They set a table up on one side of the circle in Georgetown and lit candles to honor the longest night of the year, the Winter Solstice. Members of surrounding communities came out to see what the hype was about and even voiced their opinions about the Satanists.
Tim Wilson, a Pastor at Water's Edge Church in Milton said, "Well I just think it's unfortunate but it's they have the right to be out here but we're here to serve the king, Jesus, and he's the reason for the season so we're excited to be here."
Hundreds of people came out to the Georgetown circle for the nativity scene and dozens even dropped by the candlelight vigil that the First State Satanists hosted. The organization released a statement earlier in the week that said, "This event will serve as an opportunity for the group and the community to come together with love and light on the longest night of the year, in celebration of longer days to come."
Celebration would be the right word. Others from the community joined the group as they held the candles and joined around the table. People who looked on from a far were calm as well, and no hostility was given to the group. Some locals even supported the group from a far. 
Jenn Rowan, a Milford resident said, "I think it's fantastic. Me and my family wanted to come out to support the inclusionary practice of everyone celebrating their holiday here on the circle in Georgetown." 
Members for the nativity enjoyed their festivities, and the Satanists enjoyed their side as well. But other religious organizations were not so supportive of the vigil, like the Dagsboro Church of Christ. the church handed out flyers to people on the circle calling this an abomination.
Part of the letter reads, "Who is to blame for this abomination? that Satan could set up his throne in our hometown? Should we blame our representatives? Should we blame the Rehoboth Mayor? Should we blame the liberal media?"
Later in the letter it says that people should turn back to God for in this time. But Jenn Rowan thinks the coming together is the reason for the season.
"And the more people that can gather together in public and celebrate together, the more harmony and unity we experience," she said.
Although the First State Satanists only got a permit for one night, the live nativity will be up and running until Christmas Eve for anyone to come by.