GEORGETOWN, Del.- Three days left until the big man himself, Santa, makes his trip around the world to deliver presents, so he stopped in Sussex County once again today before making his last minute checks.
A day packed full of kids dancing, arts and crafts, food, and most importantly, family time. The Counting House in Georgetown held brunch with Santa on the last Sunday before Christmas. For the restaurant, it's always important to bring some holiday cheer.
Miguel Batiz, the owner of the Counting house said, "It's not just the normal come in, eat, and then Santa's here, it's we like to think of it as like an entire experience, so we're all dressed up. We have a lot of fun, we call ourselves elves and we try to be unique while also making it really fun."
Kids and families can get lost in the excitement of getting to see Santa, make the arts and crafts and even eating the food. But for one family getting to see all of this together is going to make an everlasting memory that they can cherish for the rest of their lives.
Mason and Lauren, the parents of a three month old baby said, "I mean we always try to make memories with her because like everything is a first and yeah we just try to do as much as we can with her. She has already seen Santa but I don't know she's, this is just fun I guess."
And the fun continued with some holiday sing-along, which surprisingly every one knew, including the kids.
Some kids hit the dance floor to show off their moves, and others even made some friends along the way. But for the man behind the strings, he's just happy his family could be there together.
Kirby Fitzgerald, a Milford Resident who played the songs today said, "They rarely get to go when you're playing in the band, you get to go late nights and you're out and you don't get to bring your family. This is a nice family atmosphere here to bring you know my wife and my daughter too so we really had a great time."
After the sing-along, Santa made his appearance. Families then had the opportunity to take pictures with him and have those memories forever. Mason and Lauren think the pictures will be good to show their daughter in the future. She even broke a smile as if she knew what we were saying.
Mason said, "Probably laugh at them I guess that's what we do when we look at pictures."
But shortly after the pictures, it was nap time. Now Santa will make his trip home and get ready for the holiday.