REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.- The city of Rehoboth Beach may soon fine people for not picking up after their pets.  
The city says that if the new rule is approved, owners who do not properly clean up their pets' waste could be fined $250.
Chad Miller, the owner of Pet Wants on Rehoboth Avenue, said, "Actually I was really surprised that there wasn't something already in place."
Scott Kraller, a pet owner said, "You've got to be held responsible for your actions, you own that dog, yand our dogs' actions, they all belong to you."
When Chad Miller takes his dog Trixie out for walks, he has picked up after others who have left behind their pet's waste.
"I will tell you with bringing Trixie to the store every day, as we walk, I have picked up other people's waste that I find on the sidewalk or it could be in the grassy area, just out of respect," Miller said.
The Sweeney's said they pick up after their dog, and it's not that hard.
Ray and Martha Sweeney, who own a rescue dog, said, "I think people should just pick them up and there shouldn't have to be a fine, but we pick up ours so we're not worried about getting fined."

The city says that pet owners will need to provide their own bags to dispose of their pets' waste. As of now, the city says it has no plans to provide that for them. However, some people seem to think that if the city is willing to fine you, they should at least encourage a way for proper disposal. 

"And I definitely think that the city should have receptacles where it's available in case someone does run out of bags and they're not close to a store," Miller said. 
Scott Kraller said it's also a health issue.
"It's a health thing, somebody steps in it...and they drag that poop into your house," Kraller said.
The city said in a statement, "Owners/ custodians may not dispose of dog excrement in any manner that would likely result in contamination of the waters of the ocean or bay."
Another thing to think about is using the right bags, and knowing what you're using. 
"Good bags, the ones that we sell are fully compostable so you can either put them in a compost or they just deteriorate in the landfill," Miller said. 
But the city hopes to limit the amount of trash on the beaches, the boardwalk, and along the streets.
The city says that these rules would not apply to a guide dog, hearing dog or any other ADA-recognized service dog accompanying a person with a disability.