REHOBOTH BEACH, Del.- An updated way to get around Rehoboth Beach and see all that it has to offer could soon be coming there through the efforts of members with Jolley Trolley and the city. 
Jolly Trolley could soon be launching a new shuttle service route to get people around the city. While the Dewey Beach-Rehoboth shuttle will still be in service, the plan is to provide additional transportation to the visitors.
The city hopes to utilize the new proposed shuttle this summer or next to help solve transportation issues in Rehoboth.

"We see this as a great way to alleviate some of those issues, whether it's parking or it is the traffic and that is a way to move people around within the one-mile square area," said Rehoboth Beach Mayor Paul Kuhns.
Lydia Hastings, the operations manager for Jolly Trolley, sees this as a convenient option for travelers. 
"We're looking at a convenient and efficient shuttle that will move as many people as possible and be as convenient to as many people as possible," said Hastings.
The trolleys would have specific capabilities that would benefit the riders. 
This proposed trolley service would be unique to Rehoboth Beach. Each trolley would have the capabilities for the windows to be put down if it's raining or cold, but they could also be rolled up for those nice summer days.
Though there is not a set route yet, the plan would be to take people around the city to famous spots. The city says this could help the businesses both on and off of Rehoboth Avenue.
"I think it makes it good for people from a downtown business perspective because it will bring people from the neighborhoods in here with out cars," Kuhns said.
And the businesses also agree.
Mel Damascena, owner of the Coffee Mill in Rehoboth Beach, said,  "I think that it's going to be great because they can also guide people to other places to go to like the Rehoboth Mill, the Penny Lane and not just the boardwalk."
But Jolly Trolley says it's about making Rehoboth Beach better than it already is.
Hastings said, "It'll create a more walkable city, a safer city, it'll also bring more people downtown which benefit local businesses as well."
With all the talk of improvements, new features, and possible changes to the trolleys and the service routes, Damascena says he's ready to hop one and see more of the city. 
"I've done it before many times and I think it's fun and it's entertaining, it's relaxing and you can get a group of people and do it," he said.
But the trolley service is stuck at a stop sign while the organization waits for approval and funding from the city. The city says the commissioners will be talking about the new shuttle service in the coming months.
Jolly Trolley says it will need $1,000 a day from the city for operating costs, to pay its drivers and related services.