GEORGETOWN, Del- On January 1, leaders in Lewes start the process of getting legislation approved for the honorary name change of West Fourth Street to Martin Luther King Jr. Way.
Last night members of the city council approved the honorary name change that had been in the work over the past few months. Although the city approved the honorary naming, this is not the end of a long process. People in the community are more than excited to see their hard work finally making some positive progress.

Reverend George Edwards couldn't hold his excitement back, "We love it. We love it."

The pastor at Friends Baptist Church which is located on West Fourth Street was glad the city approve the renaming.
"We were able to get together with the mayor and the council and others on the committee to get all of this taken care of," Edwards said.
Along the different intersections on West Fourth Street will soon see a change to the street signs, with one more getting added. Mayor Ted Becker says the honorific street sign will be added either above or below the sign that already exists. He also said that there will be an additional state marker put in place.
"That will identify the African American community that was here in Lewes and its contribution to the community's evolution as well," Becker said.

Because this is just an honorific people will be able to keep their addresses to say West Fourth Street but the Mayor says if they want to get it added to say Martin Luther King Jr. Way that is still an option.
Becker said, "There will be no requirement and mail would not be delivered to a Fourth, Dr, Martin Luther King Jr. address, mail would be delivered to a West Fourth Street address."
But he says the renaming won't be an instant change. He says a lot goes into getting the signs up.
"We still have to order the signs, we have to get them installed we have to work through some governmental processes to get it done, so I think within 60 to 90 days we'll start seeing this happen."
The Reverend said he's happy to see the change coming to life. He said this was what Martin Luther King Jr. would have pictured.

Edwards said, "And by saying the Dr. Martin Luther King Way, to see us connect together with the people in the community I believe that's what he would like to see."

Mayor Becker also said that a new Lewes African American Heritage Commission would be in charge of putting together a walking map and tour that could be done on an app. He said this would be recognize people and places that were important to Lewes over the evolution of the town.