LEWES, Del. - Beebe Healthcare's new hybrid operating room is the first of its kind in Sussex County. The room has over 1,000 square feet of space for state-of-the-art imaging technology and equipment.

Here doctors can integrate minimally invasive endovascular procedures with open surgeries.

"In this room we are going be able to do procedures where we can cut down on the arteries, open them up, fix them, and at the same time go in with balloons and stints, and fix harder to access arteries that would usually take a bigger surgery to repair," says Dr. Kevin Caldwell, vascular surgeon with Beebe Vascular at Beebe Healthcare.

The room also allows for better coordination of care. Cardiologists, vascular surgeons, anesthesiologists, and other doctors can work in the same room at the same time.

"We want to provide the Delmarva Peninsula and its habitants with the best imaging, the best patient care. And [it] allows us to do even more cases than we currently could do and offer the patients. All three of us are trained in these complex cases and we are pretty excited to get a chance to actually do them," says Dr. Carlos Neves, vascular surgeon at Beebe Healthcare.

Construction of the room began in 2018. Beebe says the first operation in the room is scheduled for Tuesday.