Week in Review Graphic

Week in Review Graphic

Delmarva - Here are a few stories you may have missed this week.

Monday: A Delmarvalous Christmas Celebration

The week kicked off with Christmas celebrations. Although CoastTV didn't feature regular news programming, the network did air a heartwarming special—A Delmarvalous Christmas, sharing touching stories that encapsulated the spirit of the season.

Tuesday: Slam Dunk to the Beach 

The annual Slam Dunk to the Beach high school basketball tournament had sporting fans on the edge of their seats all week long. The holiday event has a serious sporting history with names as big as LeBron James participating in the past. The tournament not only showcases top-tier basketball but also serves as a significant economic boost to the local area.

Wednesday: Delaware Emerges as the Sixth Fastest Growing State

In a mid-week revelation, it was announced that Delaware is experiencing significant growth, securing its position as the sixth-fastest-growing state in the union by percentage. 

Thursday: Minimum Wage Increase in the New Year

Delaware's minimum wage will see an increase to $13.25 on January 1st, with a subsequent rise to $15 the following year. The move aims to improve conditions for Delaware's lowest wage workers.

Friday: Wind Farm Debate Blows Through The Coast

The week ended with an ongoing debate over wind farms. US Wind is advocating for two projects off the coast of the 3R's Beach in Delaware Seashore State Park. However, local opposition is vocal, with some residents pushing back over concerns wind farms will diminish the beach going experience.

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