Petey the peacock

Petey, the bird-brained mascot of CoastTV
Once upon a time on Delmarva, stood a quaint building nestled in Milton, Delaware full of shining faces and bright lights. It was the home of CoastTV - Delmarva’s NBC Station. This wasn't just a building full of hard-working journalists.  It was also home to a unique and colorful personality, a peacock named Petey.
Petey was no ordinary peacock; he was a radiant beacon of all the colors of the rainbow. He wasn't just beautiful; he was the embodiment of joy, full of personality and charisma, enchanting everyone he encountered. What was peculiar about Petey was his keen fascination with weather. He loved watching the sky, always seemed to squawk louder when it rained, and had an uncanny knack for sensing when a storm was approaching.
His journey started at the most unusual of places, TidalHealth, a well-known health institution on Delmarva. He was hatched in a corner of their gardens, where his mother had taken refuge during her nesting period. Petey's egg was spotted by a kind and caring nurse, who ensured his safety until he was ready to hatch.
When Petey finally broke free from his shell, his vivacious spirit and captivating colors immediately made him stand out. His love for the weather became apparent early on, as shared his curiosity at the rustling of leaves, indicating an impending storm, or the bright sunshine heralding a clear day. This added an extra layer of charm to Petey, endearing him even more to the staff and patients at TidalHealth.
One day, a local reporter from CoastTV visited TidalHealth to cover a story. As soon as she caught sight of Petey, she was enchanted by his unique charm, iridescent colors, and his subtle yet noticeable love for the weather. With a bit of persuasion and promises of a good home, the hospital agreed to let Petey go to CoastTV.
Petey was welcomed at CoastTV with open arms. He became a mascot, the colorful personality of the station, and family to the entire staff. His vibrant colors and lively spirit made him a favorite among viewers. Petey was given the freedom to roam around the station, lifting the spirits of the team. While not a meteorologist, his quirky reactions to different weather patterns became a small but delightful part for everyone. He would fan out his tail feathers dramatically when a sunny day was ahead, or pace restlessly when a storm was brewing. 
Petey's dazzling colors, lively spirit, and subtle weather insights made him a favorite among viewers. And his excitement for weather would have him be best friends with the First Alert Weather team and share weather tips to everyone on Delmarva.
And so, Petey continues to charm the viewers of CoastTV, spreading joy with his bright colors, subtle weather quirks, and reminding everyone of his incredible journey from TidalHealth to stardom. He truly is the most colorful star among the many talented people at CoastTV.

Birthday: May 5, 2004