Baltimore Avenue Electrical Project Approved by City Council

OCEAN CITY, Md- It's electric! and like the song, things are sliding down, literally.

Michael Schilling, a Maryland native who was positive about the project said, 

"I think it's a smart, intelligent, take the above ground structure, put it underground, less maintenance less worries, money will spent." 

After a vote that took place at the town council meeting yesterday, all the electrical wires above ground on Baltimore Avenue will be no more. The Baltimore Avenue project will break ground starting in September but town residents have mixed feelings.

Another local Irving Delgado said "It's a thing that we should be focused on especially in Ocean City, there's more things that you know, that needs to be done. For example, there's a bunch of houses that are falling apart and the money could be used for something else other than this."

But people in Ocean City seem to have their own list of pros and cons on the topic. Michael Schilling also commented on what he felt were the positives to the project, "Because above ground, you have to deal with the snow, the ice, storms, the wind, the rain once you go from above ground electrical grid, it's more secure underground. Even car accidents can take down a telephone pole.

With the project approved, there is still the issue of the right away in front of land owners homes on Baltimore Ave. The proposal will allow property owners to keep any right away not used in the project.

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