Debate Over Right of Ways for Bicyclists and Drivers in Lewes

This is one of many 'stop signs' for bicyclists across Lewes that are causing confusion. This one is located just off of Nassau Road on the Lewes Georgetown Trail.

LEWES, Del. - An ongoing debate in the community continues as to whether signs like the one pictured give the right of way to cars or bicyclists.

Tom Doucet sees it as yield not a stop, "Well when I come to one of these signs where it says stop and look again, I slow down, and as I'm slowly approaching the intersection I look to the right and to the left. If there are no cars nearby I'll proceed to go through the crosswalk."

But drivers don't necessarily agree, especially when cars are not given a stop sign at these crosswalks.

"I would assume that it would be to stop and look both ways before crossing the road." said Lisa Johanson.

According to the Delaware Office of Highway Safety, bikes can treat stop signs as a yield if no cars are approaching, but it's not that simple.

Cyclists are required to stop if it's a three lane road.

and there is no clear answer on if signs, like the one pictured, are categorized as a 'normal' stop sign or not.

People like Sumner Crosby said regardless of the law it is up to both drivers and bicyclists to stay in their lane, "All of us need to proceed with caution. All of us need to be... we need to come in slower than we might think we're entitled to and be really careful first. Make sure there isn't somebody who isn't doing their part."

To get more clarification on the rules of the road, the next Lewes Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee meeting is April 26th.