Legislative Hall

Dover, DE - The 152nd General Assembly of Delaware reconvenes on Tuesday, January 9th, for its second session, presenting a slate of legislative proposals with potential implications for various aspects of life in the state.

Here's an overview of the key bills on the agenda:

Senate Bill 188: Streamlining Teacher Licensing Across States

Senate Bill 188 takes center stage in the upcoming session, aiming to simplify the process for teachers to work across different states. This legislation introduces a new rule to facilitate teachers licensed in one state in obtaining similar licenses in other states more efficiently. The bill seeks to enhance opportunities for educators and promote a more seamless exchange of teaching talent.

Senate Bill 187: Revisiting Teacher Salaries Based on Education

In a move that could redefine how teacher salaries are determined, Senate Bill 187 proposes rewarding teachers who have earned graduate degrees before beginning their teaching careers with higher compensation, regardless of their field of study. This measure underscores the value of advanced education in the teaching profession.

House Bill 235: Adjusting Alcoholic Liquor Sales Hours

House Bill 235 is focused on alcoholic liquor regulations, suggesting a shift in the hours during which bars and restaurants can commence alcohol sales. Currently set at 9 a.m., this bill seeks to push the starting time to 8 a.m., a potential change with implications for the hospitality industry and early-morning patrons.

Senate Concurrent Resolution 103: Establishing the Delaware Aquaculture Task Force

On the docket is Senate Concurrent Resolution 103, proposing the establishment of the Delaware Aquaculture Task Force. This task force is poised to explore and develop opportunities in the field of aquaculture, potentially fostering innovation and growth in the seafood industry within the state.