State forests

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources. 

MARYLANDThe Maryland Department of Natural Resources is inviting public input on the proposed fiscal year 2025 annual work plans for several state forests, including Chesapeake/Pocomoke, Green Ridge, Potomac-Garrett, and Savage River.

The public comment period will run until Thursday, May 30, providing people an opportunity to review and offer feedback on the plans.

According to the department, annual work plans identify priorities for the long-term management of state forests. They encompass various aspects such as composition, establishment, growth, health, and quality, as well as construction and maintenance projects.

The agency says the process of formulating these plans involves a series of steps. Initially, natural resource professionals with expertise in wildlife and fishery habitats, recreation, forest management, water quality, and ecologically significant species conduct an internal review. Subsequently, a local citizens advisory committee evaluates the plans.

Following the conclusion of the public comment period, forest managers for each respective area will review, revise and finalize their specific plans based on the feedback received.

Interested individuals can access the proposed plans for each forest on the Maryland Forest Service website. Comments can be submitted via an online form provided on the website.