Ruth Briggs King

Courtesy of Delaware House Republicans.

GEORGETOWN, Del. - Former State Representative Ruth Briggs King announced Saturday her campaign to become Delaware’s next lieutenant governor. King was elected to the Delaware State House of Representatives in 2009 and served until 2023. The Delaware Republican Party has given King their endorsement.

King is focusing her campaign on building a strong economy, equipping students to excel in life and ensuring safer neighborhoods throughout Delaware. 

"Like so many Delaware families, I am concerned about public safety, the quality of our schools, and the rising costs of everyday necessities," said King. "We need bold new ideas from experienced leaders to begin delivering solutions for Delaware."

King says her experience as an educator and her work on multiple committees, including the Joint Finance, Education and Public Safety committees, to address issues King attributes to single-party rule in Dover.

"For 32 years, one party has controlled the direction of our state and the results have not been favorable to hardworking Delaware families. There is a lot of work to get done, and I look forward to sharing my vision for Delaware with voters throughout our state," said King.