Tax credit

DELAWARE - Delaware homeowners aged 65 or over have the opportunity to apply for a tax credit to alleviate regular school property taxes. 

This tax credit is capped at half of the recipient's tax obligation or $500, whichever is less, and applies exclusively to property taxes on a primary residence.

Ken and Ruth Behrens who live in Milford, say any financial help on a budget is useful,

"The reason I moved to Delaware and chose Delaware is because there's almost no tax here - I think it's great for seniors to have a discount because they can plan their budget for the year better, especially when they're on limited incomes."

However Clare Wilson of Lewes, despite eligibility, thinks educational systems need the support,

"They just do not get enough support financially, emotionally, mentally. So I think anything that we can do to help our educators and our kids we need to do."

To avail of this tax relief, eligible individuals need to apply once, and the application can be accessed here.

The application deadline for the upcoming tax year is April 30, 2024.

For additional details about the Senior School Property Tax Relief Program, please visit