Summer Months More Dangerous For Teen Drivers

Summer Months More Dangerous For Teen Drivers

(LEWES, Del.) - Memorial Day weekend is finally here, which means it's also the start of a period commonly known as the 100 deadliest days for teens on the road.

A recent study by Liberty Mutual Insurance and SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) shows that 20 percent of teens admit to getting in the car with a driver who's under the influence during the summer months, which is a higher percentage than during prom or sporting events.

"I think most teens might be anxious that they're getting out of school, you know, that might incline them to drive recklessly or just not care," said Hugh Broadbent of Lewes.

"This time a year people want to have fun and get to where they're going, and it ruins the day and it can ruin a life, you know?" said Charles Mansueto of Silver Spring, Maryland.

The study also showed teens who consider themselves 'safe drivers' admit to performing dangerous behaviors behind the wheel, such as using phone apps and texting. It's a temptation Mansueto says even adults have trouble with.

"I remember being on the New Jersey Turnpike going north and trying to make a phone call, and suddenly a truck was right in front of me and I instantly learned my lesson, no more," said Mansueto.

But Amy Magee of Georgetown says today's technology is the real problem.

"[Accidents are] a lot higher this time of year, more technology is coming out. If they go back to old school, they wouldn't have this kind of problem," said Magee.