Milford Open House explores options to make North Rehoboth and North Walnut safer

MILFORD, Del.- The City of Milford and Dover/Kent Metropolitan Planning Organization hosted an open house to discuss safety additions to the North Rehoboth Blvd and North Walnut Street corridor.

The ideas include more shared use paths and crosswalks along North Rehoboth Blvd, and mostly focus on safety for people traveling by bike or by foot.

The area of study is a busy section of the city, and is close to Milford High School and a Perdue chicken plant. During a weekday, you can see countless students leaving the school grounds on foot.

Malcolm Jacob with Dover/Kent MPO says the goal is safety.

'There have been accidents there involving pedestrians," he said. "But it's also because we want to prevent something like that happening."

Jacob continued to say that the project would need to go through DelDOT and the city before they can become a reality, and it may take a few years before changes can be implemented.

This study is part of a much larger plan for the Dover/Kent MPO. You can read about it here.

This was the second open house talking about the North Rehoboth Blvd and North Walnut Street corridor study. A third one could be scheduled depending on the input received at the Feb. 6 meeting and if Milford City Council requests one.