Efforts to bring offshore wind projects to the coast

SALISBURY, Md - Alternative energy company U.S. Wind attempts to push a wind farm  project that has little support from local governments along the Delmarva Coast. U.S. Wind has an application with the Maryland Department of the Environment to build a a 625 foot long by 32 foot wide concrete pier at 12929 and 12933 Harbor Road, Ocean City. This would be a key base of operation for work that would be done 10.9 miles off the coast to build wind turbines.

The Department of the Environment is holding a public hearing about the pier part of the project on Monday night at Wor-Wic Community Colleges' Fulton-Owen Hall at 6:00 pm.

U.S. Wind has been going up and down the coast offering several communities $2,000,000 spread out in annually payments of $100,000 over 20 years. In exchange, the community officials would not make any negative comments or objections to the U.S. Winds proposed project. In addition, land could be used for transmission lines that would connect the turbines to the power grid.

In February, Ocean City Mayor Rick Meehan said of this deal, "“Respectfully the future of the Town of Ocean City cannot be bought and we intend to continue to do what is necessary to protect the interests of our residents, property owners and future generations.”

In January, Dewey Beach tabled discussion on the offer to the town.

Last month, a public hearing by DNREC drew some protestors opposed to allowing cables for wind turbines at 3Rs Beach.